Registration Help

This page provides you details on the different kind of memberships that you could choose in your association with Kerala History Congress.  Note that even without a registered membership with KHC, you will still be able to use this site.  However, we encourage you to be a registered member and support this endeavor.

The different levels are designed on the level of interaction you are permitted to have with KHC.  Web-site being the front-end of an organization, KHC's interactive web-site facilitates 95% of the transactions through this site itself.  

The membership registration form in this site provides a very intuitive and simple workflow to submit all required details with us.  As of now, online payment solution is not implemented on the site.  The membership will be activated and intimated as soon as your subscription amount is realized by KHC.


Non Members:

Can access all the contents of this site; will be restricted from any kind of interaction like posting comments, contacting members etc.


This membership will allow you to post comments on articles, posts made at this site.  This also corresponds to a registration with this site.  This does not involve payment of any kind of fees.  All other memberships listed below involves paying an annual membership fees.  


Student members is a subsidized membership for the student community.  These members are allowed to post comments, interact with KHC members, post blog etc.

Executive Member:

Has all permissions at this site:  post articles, books, blogs, comment on other's posts etc.  Executive members also get voting rights in governance meetings where decisions on KHC's initiatives/functioning is formulated.

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